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animals on the farm

Our Perspective
at Safe Haven Farm

Constanta Wellness & Healing therapeutic treatments take place at the Safe Haven Farm in Mullica Hill, New Jersey.

Our model is "Care Farming", the use of commercial farms and agricultural landscapes to promote mental and physical health through normal farming activity. We harness the power of nature and animals to guide you on your healing journey. The “farming” and “care” provided varies on a case by case basis.

Your personalized care will be a combination of therapeutic contact with farm animals, horticultural activities, social interaction, and nature-based activities.

 At Constanta Wellness & Healing we utilize Animal Assisted Intervention, which encompasses both animal-assisted therapy (AAT) and animal-assisted activities (AAA).

Animal Assisted Intervention is a goal-directed intervention with animals as an integral part of the treatment process for a particular human client. Animals are suitable as mediators of human social interactions and are capable of providing stress-buffering social support and enhancing self-efficacy.

Social support is central in mental health rehabilitation, and is described as a person’s individual belief that one is cared for, esteemed and valued, and belongs to a network of communication and mutual obligations.

Self-efficacy, a concept described as a person’s belief that one can successfully produce the desired outcome. A main source for increase in self-efficacy is a person’s own accomplishment of a task or coping in a situation. Farm animal-assisted interventions could be an excellent arena for coping and enhanced self-efficacy.

We use these methods to enhance your therapeutic experience. Our team will work to develop a custom plan to meet your needs.

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